Hi, I’m Daniel Verastiqui.

I write Science Fiction, or try to, at least. Most of the time, I’m hanging out with my lovely photographer fiancĂ©e, Dom, my new son, El Matador, and our two pups, Cheyenne and Jetson. We do all sorts of things together, like take naps, go for short walks around the neighborhood, and scream our heads off.

I’ve been writing stories most of my life, and though I like to draw on the occasional weird thing that happens to me, I spend most of my time imagining another reality in which the advancement of technology has been greatly accelerated. It’s a lingering regret of mine to have been born in the 80s. Too early, if you ask me, to really see where technology will take us. Even if I live to be 80, I’m not sure 2060 will be the pinnacle of human achievement. Perhaps not even a start along that path.

Sorry to bring the mood down.

Go buy my books on Amazon.com. That will cheer both of us up.